One fast-growing cleaning company quick off the mark at adopting new technology like the

recently-upgraded Endeavor 500 extractor is Swift Cleaning in Yateley, Hampshire.

Swift and its equally successful subsidiary Restorations UK
have been Prochem users for many years and with a preponderance of high-end domestic customers with large homes, favour using truck mount products like Prochem’s Performer, Legend and Blazer models.

The company currently has three truck mount vans on its 17 vehicle fleet.

“Truck mounts are fabulous machines but there are occasions, such as limited access to site, when we can’t use one to tackle a job,” says boss Andy.

“That’s where the latest Endeavor comes into play. It brings so many of the performance benefits of truck mount technology to bear in a portable package.”

Truck mounts play a major role in the growth of the company’s flood restoration business, Restorations UK.

The company, which has recently opened premises in Manchester to handle its geographical expansion beyond London and the South East, always uses the best materials and support.

“That’s why we use Prochem machines and chemicals,” says Andy. “All of our staff are truck mount-trained by Prochem and all wear uniform. Presentation is important to us and to our customers.”

Surrey Cleaning Services’ new Endeavor 500

Swift Cleaning’s opinion of the Endeavor 500 is echoed by Prochem customer John Ford at Surrey Cleaning Services.

“This is a very powerful machine that simply does a fantastic job, even on the worst soiling,” reports John.”It’s easy-going to operate, too, often only using one hand, and there’s no scrubbing needed.”

With pressure controlled via a bypass pressure regulator, allowing gauged control from 50psi to 500psi, the Endeavor does away with any priming issues by using the priming valve fitted onto the control panel.

The unit incorporates a modified version of the successful Heat-and-Run in-line stainless steel heat exchanger giving heat up to 60 deg C.

Uprating of the vacuum motor sees the old twin 6.6 units replaced by a single 8.4 in motor.

With long-life brushes, quieter and less demanding of power than the twin 6.6in units, this new motor is lifted from a central vacuum system and is highly reliable.


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